G.O.D - Saturday Night

Jamming to this all day everyday!

Kisum - Put It Down

This my jam.

INNA Feat J.Balvin - Cola Song

Dear god shes amazing.

Sunmi - Full Moon MV

So good, JYP hit machine~

Girl’s Day - Something

Best GD comeback, ever!


This has never been more relevant than right now. Stay mad, Twitter.



This has never been more relevant than right now. Stay mad, Twitter.


Trouble Maker - Now

This is sooo gonna get banned in SK lol. Hyuna looking flawless tbh.

Nine Muses - Prima Donna (Brief Album Review)


  1. 프리마돈나 (Prima Donna) (intro)
  2. 건 (Gun)
  3. 세치혀 (Rumor)
  4. A Few Good Man
  5. Last Scene
  6. 천생여자 (天生女子) (Just A Girl)
  7. 미스 에이전트 (Miss Agent)
  8. Time’s Up
  9. 몰라몰라 (OMG)
  10. 핑 (Ping)
  11. 아님 말구 (Don’t Come)

What a year this has been for K-Pop. The ladies of Nine Muses are back with their third album and comeback titled Prima Donna. Prima Donna is their first full-length album consisting of 11 tracks as listed above. I hold Nine Muses on a high pedestal because their releases have been consistently good. It’s hard for a Korean girl group to manage a solid release one after another. There are various reasons for this but listing them would take too long and mostly K-Pop insiders care for that sort of thing, anyways…

Beginning with their 2011 release of Figaro, 9Muses have distinguished themselves as a retro pop group. They have been sticking to their retro pop concept which seems to have worked for them as they have gained popularity with each comeback. Starting with the first song titled accordingly, “Prima Donna”, we are given a brief 1:07 intro as to what the theme of the album will be like. Like their previous releases, Prima Donna continues the retro pop sound they are now known for. Their alliance with the famous Korean producers “Sweetune” has once again hit another home-run.

Prima Donna has some very good songs and then some rather weak songs that still manage to make you listen to them rather than discard them. Very few idol groups out there can manage this in my opinion. Most of the time it’s the title track and maybe two or three songs in the album that you like and the rest are just there. Gun is the title track and it’s a very good one at that. It reminds me of some classic surf and turf songs you hear on 80’s movies. I very much like the retro 80’s vibe the album gives off overall. Some songs are more retro than others. “Don’t Come” and “Miss Agent” are perfect examples, it’s like listening to a modern version of an 80’s pop song. Both are really great songs to listen to, you can’t help but tap your feet at the catchy beat and addicting melodies.

I think Sweetune is the best thing that ever happened to them to be honest, just about everything they make together is golden. If I had to give the album a rating it would be 9/10 because it really is a solid album. I don’t hate any of the songs, though I do have favorites such as “Time’s Up” and “Last Scene”. “Last Scene” in particular is great for several reasons. One of the most important being it shows the main singers of the group can actually sing, such as Sera, Hyuna, and Hyemi. “Last Scene” is also a great song because it’s such a soothing song. “Times Up” is more upbeat, I would compare it to “Action” from their previous album “Wild”. Both songs are my absolute favorites from both albums as they are catchy and the reason why Nine Muses is such a complete group. I’ll be ordering my physical copy asap to support the girls for having such a great album. I wish I could have provided snippets of the songs in this brief review but I cannot because of the format I chose to write this on tumblr. Hopefully all you who cared to read this give 9Muses a chance if you haven’t heard of them before. For those who know them, support our girls! Buy their album and vote for them on music shows!

Score - 9/10

Nine Muses - GUN